"A Professional Learning Community focuses on learning rather than teaching,

works collaboratively and holds itself accountable for results."

- Richard DuFour


Saint Mary School is called to its mission by Jesus, the Divine teacher, who entrusts to parents the education of their children. We are committed to supporting and reinforcing the role of parents as primary educators.

It is our aim to help the children see the dignity of human life with the vision of Jesus Christ. We are always aware of the responsibility to treat and respect each child as a unique individual, while providing a quality education that develops the child’s physical, moral and intellectual talents.

It is our goal to educate a child with recognizable Christian values who will continue to grow in knowledge, grace and wisdom.


Saint Mary School, a Catholic educational community, is an integral part of Saint Mary Parish Community embracing the values and traditions of the Catholic faith. We believe that children learn best when they are fully involved in learning activities. Through our educational programs and various teaching methods, we strive to enhance positive self-concepts in each student, incorporate aspects of values education, teach the basic skills and augment skills of critical thinking, and self-direction necessary to function as a contributing person in society.

We believe that faculty in partnership with parents, who are the primary educators, recognize the uniqueness of each child. We seek to provide an atmosphere where students develop a wholesome self-image that they may reach their full potential.

All faculty, staff, contracted employees, and volunteers of Saint Mary School are expected to act in accordance with our stated Philosophy of Education.