Traditionally, the major goal of the primary grades is to achieve basic literacy and numeracy for all children. At Saint Mary we accomplish this goal in many ways: the majority of academic minutes are dedicated to language arts and mathematics in these early grades, teachers use an array of instructional strategies to deliver these concepts, and language arts and math concepts are integrated into other content area learning throughout the day. 

In addition to the development of strong skills in language arts and numeration, the curriculum of our primary grades provides a vehicle to establish foundations in content areas such as science, social studies, physical education, art, music and Spanish. Our teachers use Archdiocesan learning standards to direct their lessons and are fortunate to have plenty of resources in the classrooms to help them meet students’ needs. They collaborate with the our technology teachers and special services teachers to incorporate current trends in technology and best practices in instruction with proven traditional teaching methods to deliver a balanced curricular program. 

As children move through the primary grades, their level of autonomy and capacity for abstract thinking increases dramatically. At Saint Mary School teachers account for this growth by constantly monitoring student progress; this data helps teachers balance the need for scaffolding student learning with the goal of developing students who wonder, think and question. Ultimately, the curricular objectives of the primary grades are for students to become fluent in language arts and mathematics, use these skills to develop a love of learning, and to succeed to the best of their abilities, in school and in life.

"A Professional Learning Community focuses on learning rather than teaching,
works  collaboratively and holds itself accountable for results."    

- Richard DuFour

Learning Communities allow educators who teach the same students or similar content areas to articulate with each other and maximize student learning. The Primary Learning Community at Saint Mary School consists of teachers in grades 1-2 who work collaboratively to engage students, increase understanding and inspire learning.

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